Iniesta Responds to the Neymar-Semedo Incident

Iniesta Responds to the Neymar-Semedo Incident

FC Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta confirmed that his two teammates, Neymar Junior and Nelson Semedo, were involved in a fight. The incident occurred in a training session Barcelona in Miami, Friday (28/07/2017).

The incident was caused by the tackling that Semedo did to Neymar. Feeling Semedo do it too hard, Neymar angry and make a confrontation so there was a fight.

After divorced by Sergio Busquets, Neymar went and did not continue training. This, of course, disrupt the preparations of teams ahead of the 2017 International Champions Cup contest against their eternal rivals, Real Madrid, on Saturday (29/7/2017) night or Sunday morning GMT.
Inevitable, this incident is also increasingly heating news transfer 25-year-old Brazilian star to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Barca’s senior player, Andres Iniesta, responded to the incident.

The playmaker admitted that the commotion between Neymar and Semedo was happening. But the 33-year-old believes that such a thing is common in training sessions.

Nevertheless, Iniesta hopes that the incident will not culminate in Neymar’s departure to PSG, as it is currently widely reported. PSG is rumored to be ready to redeem the release clause Neymar contract worth 222 million euros (about Rp 3.4 trillion).

“It’s true something has happened, but things like this often happen in practice sessions Everyone is talking about Neymar and everything is exaggerated,” Iniesta told Sportmail.

“Things like this can happen anytime, personal decisions will soon be taken by Neymar, but of course we really hope he will survive,” added the Spanish national team’s attack regulator.

Real Madrid Can Can Kaka with Cheap Price, but …

Real Madrid Can Can Kaka with Cheap Price, but …

Jorge Valdano claims that his former club, Real Madrid, could have bought Ricardo Kaka at a low price.

The opportunity was open when Kaka entered the Brazil squad at the 2002 World Cup. At the time, Valdano served as general manager.

He watched Kaka’s performance as Brazil won 5-2 over Costa Rica in the final Group C game. The player only got 18 minutes at that time but was considered to show great talent.

“At the end of the game, I told President Florentino Perez, ‘We can get a great player for 12 million euros (now about Rp 183 billion), and in another four years, the price could reach 60 million euros,'” Valdano said.

Valdano’s advice was ignored by Perez. The patron reluctant to release the offer for players who are considered less popular.

“The answer from Perez is hard to forget for me, saying, ‘Wait until it’s 60 million euros,'” Valdano said.

Sure enough, Real Madrid have to spend money of 65 million euros to recruit Kaka from AC Milan in the transfer market summer of 2013.

At that time, Kaka status as the second most expensive player in the world after Zinedine Zidane, who valued 75 million euros by Real Madrid in 2001.

Different attitudes shown Perez now. He dared to pour 45 million euros for the 16-year-old Vinicius Junior, from Flamengo.

According to Valdano, Perez’s decision to dare to sacrifice for Vinicius is motivated by changes in transfer market conditions.

“It’s hard for the club to wait for the player to mature as the winner of the Ballon d’Or, then buy him because you are Real Madrid.” Premier League clubs can also reach great talents, “Valdano said.

In addition to Vinicius, Real Madrid also bought Theo Hernandez from Atletico Madrid for 30 million euros in the summer of 2017.

Real Madrid bring second son Zidane?

Real Madrid bring second son Zidane?
Zinedine Zidane’s second son, Luca Zidane, is reportedly about to join Real Madrid’s first team. Luca plays as a goalkeeper and will replace Ruben Yanez’s role as the third goalkeeper Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Throughout the 2016-2017 season, Zidane relies on three goalkeepers in Real Madrid’s main squad. Keylor Navas became the top choice, then Kiko Casilla served as his deputy. After that, Ruben Yanez was in third choice.

Impressive performances shown Navas and Casilla make Yanez minimal opportunity to perform. The graduate of Real Madrid’s soccer academy only recorded one performance for 14 minutes in the Copa Del Rey, and that was also a substitute for Casilla.

The situation makes Yanez expressed intention to leave from the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid officials have also expressed readiness to remove the goalkeeper 23 years.

In order to fill the vacancy of third goalkeeper position, Zidane intends to promote her second son, Luca, who is only 19 years old. During the strengthening of Real Madrid Castilla, Luca Zidane was able to show a neat appearance.

Luca Zidane made 15 appearances in all competitions with Real Madrid Castilla throughout the 2016-2017 season. At that time, he was able to keep his goal from conceding in two games.

Previously, Luca’s older brother, Enzo Zidane, first appeared for Real Madrid’s main squad. However, the 22-year-old player failed to shine so eventually sold to Deportivo Alaves on 29 June 2017.